WE ARE PROUD TO BE THE CREATIVE BRAND MANAGER OF THE Fabio Napoleoni Collection of Characters

Fabio's journey, from the hopelessness he experienced when his daughter was born with a life threatening heart disease, to the present day, where after multiple risky procedures and much worry, she has grown into a beautiful 13 year old, has been the source of inspiration for his paintings.  Her story of triumph over tragedy was a life altering experience and it is central to themes in his work, resulting in the creation of some extraordinary characters and images.  

Our goal is to expand Fabio's story and message and to share the emotional connection that his multitude of fans and collectors already know.   Our challenge is to successfully integrate Fabio's iconic works into quality consumer products which allow the art and the artist to shine.  

To achieve this we are working with top quality designers, product developers and selective strategic partners across the spectrum in publishing, media, manufacturing and licensing to ensure that every item is produced to exacting specifications.   




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Fabio Napoleoni

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My name is Fabio Napoleoni and I am an Artist.
— Fabio Napoleoni

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