Scroll down to watch a clip from an animated Marcenivo Short. 


The vivid colors and captivating characters invite you in, the desire to know their story is what keeps you there.  Each of Fabio's unique characters has a story to tell and each painting evokes an emotional reaffirmation that everything is going to be alright.  Marcenivo a rag tag heritage doll, an image of love and hope.  Dragonboy, an inquisitive child in a patched up costume, comfortable in his own skin, an aura of peace and enlightenment surrounding him.  There is also Karla The Unicorn, Happy Legs The Horse, Remy The Elephant, Leoh The Lion, Marissa, Blu and Marlon, all original characters.   Fabio's creations appeal to everyone, children, parents and grandparents are all fans and collectors of these amazing works of art.  

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Watch a clip from the Marcenivo Animated Short